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Judges ADR provides mediation and arbitration services in person and by video conferencing. Use our individual mediator calendars to identify your desired date for a swift case resolution. Request your expert mediation session today and let us help you resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Our Mediators’ Calendars

Our mediators’ individual calendars show their days of availability for either in-person or video mediation. The color-coded tabs at the top of each calendar indicate the general region where the mediator is booked for an in-person mediation session. On the day before or after a booked date, we can schedule an in-person mediation session in the same city or one relatively nearby.

Judge Tracy A. Daly (Ret)

Judge Timothy J. McGrath (Ret)

Request A Mediation

To request Judges ADR mediation services, please fill in all the below information and use the Send Message button to submit the request. In the Case Information section, please provide the case name, case number as well as the date and time of the requested mediation session. Also, indicate whether you want an in-person or video mediation. For an in-person mediation, provide the city and state where you wish to have the mediation conducted.